I will so take it personally if you don’t come to these shows

Some of my favorite bands are coming to town this week. Some shows I booked; some I did not. Miss them and it's like you crushed my heart with the heel of your shoe.


Tues., Aug. 22 | Extra Blue Kind @ Cicero's

I've been a fan of Indianapolis indie quartet Extra Blue Kind since I first heard The Tide and the Undertow, their Opulent Records debut. It's shimmering. It's glorious. It will remind you why you've given your life to music; it makes you feel, think, experience, and move. Their live show's just as electric and inspiring. Also on the bill: eero, Wydown and Indy rocker Jason Michael Thomas. It's only $5 (OK, $8 if you're under 21—and yes, all ages are welcome); it's easily worth four times that.

Wed., Aug. 22 | The Living Blue @ Off Broadway

Earlier this year, these Champaign, Ill. boys released a catchy-as-all-hell CD, Fire, Blood, Water, on Minty Fresh Records. It sounds like Brit pop mixed with a dash of punk and an awful lot of indie pop. It's fun stuff. The live show is high energy and a little bit out of control—just this side of dangerous, just how you like it. Also on the bill: Ghost in Light and Tight Pants Syndrome, both of whom I'm embarrassed to admit I've never seen but always wanted to. Finally get to remedy that.

Fri., Aug. 25 | Lorenzo Goetz @ Jazz Central Station

OK, yeah, this one's a bit of a drive; it's in Springfield, Ill., on the 30th floor of the Hilton. Supposed to be one wild-ass time; three hours of Lorenzo Goetz. While I've never pushed the boundaries of LG enjoyment to this extent, I've prepared myself for one hell of a good time. That slogan, "Party music who think too much?" Yeah, I wrote that. And yeah, it's true. But I bet that, somewhere in the midst of three hours, my brain shuts up and I'll really feel the groove.

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