I am supposed to be working

"OK, Marco, let's see what you can do!"


Or, probably more politely, listening to music. You see, I book this weekly gig at Cicero's. We call it PLAYBACK:stl Tuesdays @ Cicero's. It's kind of wordy, I know. But it's really fun.

We're such hardworking types, though, we usually bring our laptops and work at the back of the bar while the bands play. Every now and then, I abandon my work and dance crazily up front. Most times, though, I work as I drink my beer. It gets hard to type after the third.

Tonight's a light crowd night, and do you blame them? How often do the Cardinals have a run at the World Series? Well, OK, almost every year…but this year, they might actually make it. I'm not even a baseball fan, and yet a part of me wants to be at home, in front of the television, or even out at the front bar of Cicero's, watching on the big-screen. I'll take frequent bathroom breaks; that's not really rude, right?

But working in the back: I suppose it's a little rude. I'm distracted. I like to call it multitasking; I'm the queen of multitasking. I read once that multitasking isn't really that, but decreases the speed and quality of both jobs you're trying to do at once. I believe it. I am so easily distracted; sometimes it's hard to keep my brain focused on a single task. I probably have gotten less sharp (dare I say dumber?) because of my tendency to multitask. Either that, or all the beer and smoke-filled music clubs over the years. Which I don't regret because, come on: the perfect concert experience is one of the closest moments to nirvana, to pure inspiration and heaven and peace and joy and delight. It's all worth it, even the second-hand smoke. (I say that now…)

In two weeks, we'll be in New York for the CMJ Music Marathon. I should be excited for the networking (and I am, don't get me wrong). I should be excited about the opportunity to see a bunch of bands, either up-and-coming (Stars of Track and Field), well-loved (Margot & the Nuclear So and So's), or legendary (The Fall). But this is me we're talking about; I'm a little bit…unique, shall we say. Me, I'm most looking forward to the opportunity to see Marco Pirrone up close. If you don't know who he is, I probably shouldn't waste my time to explain, but I will. I grew up worshipping Adam Ant, and Adam & the Ants. Marco was Adam's guitarist, both with the band and when Adam went solo. "OK, Marco, let's see what you can do!" Marco Pirrone's on a panel, which means I can get nice and close. Cool.

This weekend, if I were going to be in town, I'd be at the Zach Weber CD release show at the Roberts Orpheum Theatre. Zach's an up-and-coming St. Louis singer-songwriter; you'll be hearing his name soon enough, if you haven't already. But me, I've decided it's time to go visit my parents. The fall always makes me feel domestic—I make a lot of soup when it gets cold out—but now I just feel all familial. I want to go spend time with my roots, or something like that.

So yeah…I'm working. Better get back to it.

NP: Bodisartha (from Kansas City). And yes, we just reviewed 'em!

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