From the Editor | 06.06

Irreverent. I’ve decided that’s the word of the month for June. We always try for passion, relevancy, timeliness; now we’re adding irreverence to the list of things you can expect from PLAYBACK:stl.
To that end, this month we’ve promoted Brendan Flaherty from First Person contributor to full-fledged columnist. Wryly named In the Trenches (this is, after all, faux–investigative journalism at its best, kids), Brendan’s column will detail his many exploits and experiences, all in the name of getting the story. Join him this month as he spends some time in solitary following an attempted panda bear heist. (Don’t ask how; it just works.)
Also, for the third year running, we’re pleased as punch to bring you the official Twangfest program and preview. What began as one man’s insanity (thank you, Sports Desk) has become your official guide to all things twang, at least as it relates to the annual festival held every June in St. Louis.
In honor of our recent four-year anniversary, we’ve got a couple of pictures from our celebratory show April 28 at The Pageant in the Backstage Pass section, and a whole bunch more online in the Photo Gallery. A huge thanks to the extremely talented Todd Owyoung for his services, and to you folks, as well, for coming out and helping us celebrate.
As always, we’ve got some really great interviews and features for you. This month, Jim Dunn shares with you his titillating conversation with Art Brut’s Eddie Argos; if you haven’t yet heard these British art poppers, you soon will, so let this be your introduction. Did somebody say irreverent? Indeed.
As for me, I had the chance to speak with one of my longtime favorite singers, Tommy Keene, on the heels of his latest release and the eve of his first tour in four years. You bet we’ll be up front at Schuba’s on June 22, singing every word. I also gladly sing the praises of new favorites Extra Blue Kind, who are still on tour in support of the shimmering The Tide and the Undertow. Pick it up, catch ’em live, and tell me you don’t hear it, too.

Al Kunz never misses a Twangfest; he also has the bead on T10’s hot supergroup, the Yayhoos. And join film editor Pete Timmermann in a look at New York Times crossword puzzle editor Will Shortz and Wordplay; it will make you want to pick up a pencil and fill in those cross-hatches.
What is manga, you ask? Prepare yourself for a whole new comics subgenre in shojo manga, which comics editor Jason Green explores in depth in this month’s Panel Discussion. Finally: Something for the ladies!
As usual, we’ve got tons more features and coverage online, so make sure you visit, and visit often. While you’re there, you can check out an expanded Delirious Nomad chock-full of things to do in June. You can hear song samples of emerging artists and upcoming releases in our Listening Station. You can read our staff’s picks on upcoming shows and events in our aptly named Events section. You can send us letters, order a subscription for yourself or a friend, read our blogs, and otherwise stay in the know with regard to all things PLAYBACK:stl.
You’ve picked up your copy of PLAYBACK:stl; now all you need is a bottle of sunblock and you’re ready for summer.

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