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Yes, it’s spearheaded by the two of us, but we have lots of help, angels in the form of contributing writers, editors, photographers, and artists.


You may not realize it, but what you hold in your hands represents four solid years of long hours and late nights, passion and sweat and savings. This magazine’s a labor of love, all right; Jim and I founded it March 2002 with the sole objective being to channel and share our passions: of the perfect note, the crack in the voice, that line that touches you inside, just below the heart—you feel it burn; you know the spot.

We love music and the way it fills and enriches our lives. We love the note so beautiful it breaks your heart, the melody so right it widens your understanding of the world. The line of text that crushes you, makes you think, ultimately betters you. The art that makes you reevaluate your world and your place in it, wanting to better things, whether just for yourself, a stranger, or all of mankind.

Yes, it’s spearheaded by the two of us, but we have lots of help, angels in the form of contributing writers, editors, photographers, and artists. We could not be in your hands today without the blood, sweat, and tears (and let’s not forget late nights and sleep deprivation…thanks, thanks, thanks Kim and Brian) of our contributors, too many to list here individually but each of them gifted and generous and amazing. And, of course, the advertisers who make it all possible.

But what about you? If you’re a new reader, welcome aboard; we hope you’ll stay, get to know us. There’s lots to enjoy and explore; it is, after all, our goal to share with you and to open up worlds. There is much to be felt and experienced, and we are but a part. Dive in and embrace fully.

If you’ve been with us for a while, we’re equally grateful to have you along. But here’s the thing: putting out a magazine? It’s a lot of work. And, well, we have big ideas. None of that small stuff (read: ink that rubs off onto your fingers) for us, or for you, our readers. You deserve a national magazine, am I right? And we are that magazine.

So, please, go into your local retailer and ask for us, whether they presently carry us or not. (Don’t worry; if they don’t, they soon will. But the greater the demand, the more welcoming the reception.) We know we’re providing a quality product unlike anything else on the market; now all we’ve got to do is be there, widely available on newsstands nationwide. And we will, with your help.


So, belatedly, welcome to our March issue, the culmination of four years’ hard work. Welcome to our South by Southwest previews, a dozen pages of noteworthy and notable acts appearing at this year’s festival: the Cribs, Be Your Own Pet, Elbow, She Wants Revenge, Secret Machines, Belle & Sebastian, and so many more. If you’re going to SXSW, you know there’s no better place to be in March than Austin, Texas. And if you’re not, don’t worry; this is the start of the concert touring season, so many of these acts will be coming to you soon.

As for our cover boys, Blue October, we’re so happy to finally give them the feature they deserve. We’ve long been fans of their emotionally raw lyrics and unabashed ability to make listeners simultaneously rock and cry. With this month’s release of Foiled, their fourth studio album, they are truly ready for the larger audiences gathering before the stage. Welcome to the big time, guys!

I suppose it goes without saying that we’ve redesigned a bit, upped the page count, switched paper stock. Pretty cool, eh? We also welcome the rebirth of “Talk to Our Lawyer,” smart advice from a smart entertainment attorney. Let us know what you think of this column, and the issue in general. We value your feedback!

Oh, and did we mention spring is finally here? We love spring. It’s an exciting time to embrace music and all of its facets. Enjoy the ride! | Laura Hamlett


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Laura Hamlett is the Managing Editor of PLAYBACK:stl. In a past life, she was also a music publicist and band manager. Besides music, books, and other forms of popular culture, she's a fan of the psychology behind true crime and violent criminals. Ask her about mass murder...if you dare.

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