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chelsea.jpgChelsea Handler: This bitch cracks me up – plain and simple.





Funny Ladies

I have a few celebrity girl crushes right now, and all are from the comedy world. I really think this is the year of the woman as far as comedy is concerned and these three are totally doing it for me right now.


Chelsea Handler: Comedienne, author and host of E!’s Chelsea Lately talk show.

This bitch cracks me up – plain and simple. Chelsea is smart, sassy and will say pretty much anything to anyone on air. She’s not afraid to laugh at herself and she’s not afraid to laugh at you either, right in your face.

Not only do I enjoy watching her be catty to celebrities, but I recently picked up and am reading her book, "Are You There, Vodka? It’sMe, Chelsea," which is worth it for the title alone. The book of humorous essays and her memoir, "My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands" are New York Times Bestsellers. Pick one up today for stories that will make you snicker inside at the things you think all the time that Chelsea has the balls to say out loud.

Here are a couple of classic Chelsea moments on YouTube:


Sarah Silverman: Comedienne and star of Comedy Central’s Sarah Silverman Program.

I am madly in love with Sarah – which is too bad, because as you probably know from her YouTube hit music video, she’s "Fucking Matt Damon." Jimmy Kimmel’s on-again/off-again girlfriend has what may be Comedy Central’s funniest original shows in years and she’s never afraid to not only cross the line, but trample over it full speed. She’s an equal opportunity insulter, however, and her sweet and innocent routine makes her impossible to resist.

She’s Fucking Matt Damon:


Tina Fey: Comedienne, writer, actor and star of NBC’s 30 Rock.

This is unquestionably the year of Tina Fey. With her dead-on impersonations of Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin throughout election season to her triumphant return to prime-time on the Emmy-winning comedy 30 Rock, Tina is on top of the world. Even Baby Mama was pretty cute. It’s about time people paid some serious attention to one of the smart girls with glasses.

Random Liz Lemon quotes:





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