The Punk Weekend Mix

On whatever day your weekend (if you get one) starts, a little punk goes a long way to making you forget about working for “The Man” (unless you are “The Man”). Oh, and this list goes to 11.


1. “The Passenger” | Iggy Pop
One of those flawlessly infectious tunes right from the first note—the reason repeat and volume functions were created.

2. “London Calling” | The Clash
Really, if you don’t know why, then just let it go.

3. “Blitzkrieg Bop” | The Ramones
Up with people, punk style.

4. “Waiting Room” | Fugazi
A bass line so good it will nearly give a brain freeze, and lyrics to match: “And I won’t make the same mistakes/Because I know how much time that wastes/Function is the key.”

5. “Blank Generation” | Richard Hell
& the Voidoids

Soulful, poetic, and well-played aren’t words always associated with the punk coming out of the late 70s, but Richard Hell has it all, and it rocks.

6. “God Save the Queen” | The Sex Pistols
Everything “Blank Generation” is, this song is not, which is the very reason it also rocks.

7. “Ruby Soho” | Rancid
On an album with a handful of gems, this one is extra sugary and sparkly.

8. “Story of My Life” | Social Distortion
Please, anyone, don’t let the misfortune that was Reality Bites be this song’s legacy.

9. “Smash It Up” | The (International) Noise Conspiracy
Karl Marx says: “Fun sound that makes me tap my toes and snap my fingers—why everyone should control the means of production of their own limbs.”

10. “The Sunny Side of the Street” |
The Pogues

No matter the season, this song whistles spring. A great soundtrack for throwing together a tofu scramble brunch for friends.

11. “Punk Rock Girl” | The Dead Milkmen
Beware the wrath of punk couples denied their hot tea.




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