Eugene Mirman | Plays it Straight

April 25, 2006 0

"I don’t know what it would be like to actually play guitar. I’ve toured with a lot of comedians and it’s never been like it is for a rock band."  

Second To None | The Second City

March 29, 2006 0

“There are some pretty basic philosophies within this. Success begets success is one of them. The very best people are hired in, the very best meaning that they have certain qualities or standouts—but that’s not […]

Arianda Fernandez Pays Her Rent

February 27, 2006 0

Behind all of this, I am a dancer. That is what I mainly call myself. That is what I was training for most [in school]. So it helps me with the character. Rent On Tour […]

Body By Eve | Eve Ensler

December 31, 2005 0

“It’s what I call the heartbreaking campaign,” Ensler says, “because there is no end. We spend 40 billion a year on beauty products, and the only end is vanishing.”

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