Laurell K. Hamilton: Tales From The Landing

May 16, 2006 0

The St. Louis that local author Laurell K. Hamilton writes about doesn’t exist. In that world—the world in which her character Anita Blake lives—vampires are not only real, they also have legislated civil rights, run […]

John Dalton | The Long Journey

January 25, 2006 0

I realized I was writing a novel about the question of God and the question of desire and the question of loneliness, and understanding that was a big help in helping me shape the novel. […]

Dan Stoler Writes St. Louis

December 16, 2005 0

When his first short story collection, The Middle of the Night, came out last year, Daniel Stolar had prepared himself for the rigors of self-promotion. He hadn’t been prepared to take on Harry Potter, though. […]

St. Louis Bound: Found’s Founder

December 16, 2005 0

Spreading the word about his publishing ventures the old-fashioned way, Rothbart tours for months on end, taking in city after city, reading from his various projects and then hawking them after the gig.  

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