Nadine: In Focus

July 31, 2002 0

A few years back, I found myself moving from Minneapolis to St. Louis. The first year was a very lonely time as I tried to find how I fit into my new town. I missed […]

Blue October: Face Your Demons

June 30, 2002 0

From the PLAYBACK:stl Archive: In speaking with Furstenfeld—he’s excited, animated, smiling broadly one moment and then yelling in anguish the next—it’s obvious that he’s a rare breed.        

Tommy Keene: Why His Music Matters!

May 31, 2002 0

There are those artists and bands from your youth whose music you listen to now only infrequently: they’re only out on LP, maybe, or your tastes have changed, or they just sound so, well…dated. And […]

Jack Johnson: Catching Fire

May 30, 2002 0

At the ripe old age of 26, Jack Johnson is an accomplished surfer and award-winning filmmaker, and in the past year has developed a dedicated fan base as a musician. Yet perhaps his greatest accomplishment […]

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

April 30, 2002 0

The album, produced by Steve Jordan (whose work includes everyone from BB King to Billy Joel, as well as being paired with Keith Richards in the X Pensive Winos), features appearances by Dr. John and […]

Elbow: Wide Awake In America

April 30, 2002 0

If you haven't heard of Elbow yet, you will. A five-piece out of Manchester, England, they were nominated for “Best British Newcomer” in this spring’s Brit Awards (England’s equivalent of the Grammys) and named “Breakthrough […]

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