Sisterly Love | Fred Perry Talks Gold Digger

December 31, 2005 0

Early on, their adventures took a turn toward the fantastic, as Perry conjured an epic battle between the werewolf, were-cheetah, and were-rat clans, a battle in which Brittany, as the last surviving member of her […]

Regime Change | Jeph Loeb’s move to Marvel

September 30, 2005 0

After announcing at Wizard World Chicago 2005 that he was jumping from DC to Marvel, superstar writer Jeph Loeb catches us up on the end of his runs on Supergirl and Superman/Batman and his upcoming work […]

Alex Robinson gets Tricked

July 31, 2005 0

The author behind Box Office Poison returns with Tricked, his first original graphic novel. In our first ever Panel Discussion interview, we get the scoop.  

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