Making Comics Better | Larry Young

April 21, 2010 0

The Astronauts in Trouble author talks what’s coming next from his publishing company AiT/Planet Lar in advance of a pair of St. Louis appearances on Free Comic Book Day weekend.  

Chicago Comic Con 09 | Sean McKeever

August 25, 2009 0

The Teen Titans writer catches us up on his upcoming projects, including a reissue of his creator-owned series The Waiting Place, in this video interview conducted on the floor of Chicago Comic Con.  

Last Call, Second Shot | Brian Azzarello, pt. 2

April 3, 2008 0

In the free-wheeling second half of our conversation with the famed 100 Bullets writer, Brian Azzarello talks about his newest projects, his superhero work, what it takes to get inside the head of a villain, and why […]

Big Mouth Types Again | Evan Dorkin

February 14, 2008 0

The creator of indie comic faves Milk and Cheese and a mainstay on animation programs ranging from Superman to Shin-Chan to Space Ghost: Coast To Coast, Dorkin talks his new projects, the differences between the […]

The Inches Interview with Tony Millionaire

January 31, 2008 0

The artist behind the long-running comic strip Maakies, the comic book series Sock Monkey, and the Adult Swim cartoon The Drinky Crow Show tells how drawing houses and scribbling on bar napkins got him where he is today.  

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