Eternal Sunshine: Kate Winslet

December 16, 2005 0

The frustration I’m facing with traffic detours my significant anxiety regarding my punctuality. Ironically, it doesn’t even register in my thoughts that I’m entering the eye of an entertainment tornado.  

Accessing Bobbie Lautenschlager

December 16, 2005 0

As medical missionaries for the Lutheran Church, the Lautenschlagers took their two children and headed to a country trying to dig out from under a recently ended civil war.  

Waters’ Works

October 1, 2003 0

“My ‘roots’? They didn’t have ratings when I first started making movies.”

Nick Broomfield | Biggie & Tupac

March 31, 2003 0

To start, I'd like to know where you began in filmmaking. Have you always done documentaries? When I was at university studying law and urban planning, I did a film about slum clearance in Liverpool. […]

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