Jay Duplass | Brotherly Love

March 15, 2012 0

  When introducing writer/director Jay Duplass it’s hard to not start with something along the lines of, “Are you ready to get jealous?”

Drew Stewart | Documenting Hope

April 20, 2011 0

"Even though I’m the director I feel more like a courier—just passing along the awakening that I experienced from making this film."

Hometown Superhero | James Gunn

April 15, 2011 0

His dad, presumably not having heard what led up to this, looks up with a bored expression, clarifies that he raped James twice, and then goes back to eating his pizza.

Interview with Filmmaker Kyle Smith

March 14, 2011 0

Turkey Bowl is about a football game, but it’s also about the relationships among the characters and how their lives are going off the field.

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