Guilty Pleasures

June 12, 2007 0

Everybody has them. That CD or cassette that you try to hide when company comes over – your guilty pleasure. Music and entertainment that is just for you (and maybe a close friend) and that […]

The South Rises Again and Again

June 12, 2007 0

I know the words to so much classic rock, and I suppose my laidback, rural nature has resulted in an aesthetic preference for Southern instrumentation and voices. I love that dusty twang, those whiskey-soaked leads, […]


June 12, 2007 0

And the way they talk to each other…it is the kind of comedy we want from Posh and Becks but will never get.    

Flock of Guilty Pleasure

June 12, 2007 0

I know we all may have some preconceived notions about A Flock of Seagulls, and I wouldn't ever mean to diminish anyone who has used their creative talents to achieve any level of sustainable pop […]

Jim and Pam on the Autobahn

June 12, 2007 0

To me, this never gets old. I can just walk around my house singing "And she's buying a stairway to Breeeeetttt." It makes no sense, is a stupid idea, but once you start, I guarantee […]

The Eye of the Beholder

June 12, 2007 0

When it comes to music, I'm also pretty much obsessed with teenybopper bands. That's how I got my musical start, after all: singing in front of the mirror to the Backstreet Boys…      

Roll With the Changes

April 9, 2007 0

Through those years, I still had an occasional hankering for some Kevin Cronin and Gary Richrath.       

One Singular Sensation

March 21, 2007 0

There was a time when I lived in New York and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber was busy keeping Benadette Peters on the stage.        

Australian Magic

March 21, 2007 0

She had dropped off the radar in the United States but was still charting highly in the musical metropolis that is Belgium.      

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