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Celluloid Atrocities | 05.06

May 7, 2006 0

When all of us PLAYBACK:stl writers were compiling our various lists of the best albums, movies, shows, etc., from last year, I was disappointed with myself for not having read more than just three or […]

Celluloid Atrocities | 04.06

March 29, 2006 0

Warhol aside, Raro is best known for finally bringing decent prints of the equally impossible to see Alejandro Jodorowsky films El Topo and The Holy Mountain to DVD (which is funny, because one could make […]

Celluloid Atrocities | 03.06

February 27, 2006 0

Granted, this was only my second year attending, but I think that the issue here wasn’t so much that Sundance was bad, but just that it wasn’t as good as it has been in years […]

The Next Great American Independent Director

January 29, 2006 0

This stereotypical, kid-makes-a-bad-movie-starring-his-friends vibe makes it tough to get into the movie, but by the time the film ends, you’ll have a much better idea of how brilliant Bujalski is at making his actors (including […]

The Best Movies You Didn’t See

December 27, 2005 0

The film has a nice combination of concert and behind-the-scenes footage, wherein the viewer begins to feel what it would be like to be friends with the comic book- and arcade-loving, candy-scarfing bunch.

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