Rick Springfield | Staying Afloat

October 16, 2006 0

The only time you're excited to talk about it is to talk about it with someone else who's into it, and everybody else just rolls their eyes.    

The Living Blue | Some Kind of Oddball

July 1, 2006 0

On their latest offering, Fire, Blood, Water, the four young members of Champaign, Ill.’s the Living Blue—Stephen Ucherek (vocals/guitars), Joe Prokop (guitars), Mark Schroder (drums), and Andrew Davidson (bass guitar)—sound wise beyond their years. The […]

Radio 4 | The Personal is Political

May 22, 2006 0

"You don’t want to sit there and go, “Yeah, it’s more of the same,” but in a sense, it is. I think it’s just a bit more vague when you get inside the song, but […]

Core Project

May 16, 2006 0

The evidence is all around us. Just check any stop sign, drive-thru, billboard, or telephone pole and you will be reminded of a time when Core Project was playing over 12 St. Louis gigs per […]

Chris Clark

May 16, 2006 0

Chris Clark is the managing and artistic director of Cinema St. Louis. What this title means is that Clark is the head guy, the Lebowski of the whole thing. His primary duties include the thankless […]

Matt Murdick

May 16, 2006 0

There are currently several generations of blues musicians performing and living in St. Louis. However, running down the list of talented musicians, there is something that becomes glaringly obvious: there are very few piano players. […]

Jeff Jarrett

May 16, 2006 0

You wear a number of hats in the music community. Tell us what they are. I manage Nadine. I’m the booking agent for Chris Lee (Misra Records), Summer Hymns (who are part of the Elephant […]

Steve Ewing

May 16, 2006 0

This month, PlaybackSTL caught up with Steve Ewing before his return to St. Louis on Saturday, July 27 at Mississippi Nights. Previously the voice of St. Louis’ own The Urge, Ewing and his cohorts were […]

Alanna Nash

May 16, 2006 0

Writer Alanna Nash should need no introduction to readers of such popular periodicals as Entertainment Weekly, for which she covers country music. The Louisville native has also authored such volumes as Dolly: The Biography (a […]

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