Web Piercings, Take 021406

February 18, 2006 0

Designed for maximum impact without descending to popular but simplistic devices like mock grades.  

Dr. Thompson

March 1, 2005 0

FROM THE ARCHIVES: In any event, in the days immediately following Thompson’s death, various members of the PlaybackSTL staff meditated on his legacy on our nonpublic Yahoo! Groups forum. Columnist and career gadfly Byron Kerman, […]


September 1, 2004 0

FROM THE PLAYBACK:stl ARCHIVE: Now, on the eve not only of the first anniversary of Cash’s death but also of a Sotheby’s auction of property from his and June Carter Cash’s estate—in New York this […]

Très Famélique for Tres Femmes

August 1, 2004 0

The trio of twentysomething female singer-songwriters called Tres Femmes returns to St. Louis this Friday, August 20, to perform at Dressel’s at 419 North Euclid—and that should come as glad tidings indeed for more than […]

Drive-By Tidings

February 1, 2004 0

“Bobby went out for a joy ride with my best girl/Left me at the party,/He was my best friend and I miss him,” begins “Days of Graduation,” the first track on the Drive-By Truckers’ Southern […]

Bride of Handicapping the Country Grammy

February 1, 2004 0

In the main, shooting fish in a barrel becomes incredibly difficult in Missouri in February because of the cold: the water freezes, the vision dims, and the targets (along with the will to live) all […]

A Country Pop Anecdote

December 1, 2003 0

As a result, books line almost all walls of the bungalow, books of all sizes and types, books on nearly every subject under the sun and not a few under the moon—everything from mass-market paperback […]

Country Gridlock

November 1, 2003 0

Beyond wishing for some science fictional device by which to occupy two places at the same time, St. Louis country music fans should start popping uppers pronto to weather an embarrassment of riches this Thursday […]

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