Paul Stark | Chippewa Chapel

July 1, 2006 0

  Already long known as the voice of KDHX’s popular “Ska’s the Limit,” Paul Stark was also recognized by the visitors the late Frederick’s Music Lounge, where he held up a corner of the bar […]

Tim Rakel | Bad Folk

May 22, 2006 0

"The name originated from the bass player lamenting that we were awful, and it became more of a decent joke than a bad joke."  

Eric Hall | Ancona Il Piu Estino

April 25, 2006 0

"I usually don’t perform loud anyway, so I liked the idea of coming up with a space, to use a venue that would discourage people from playing loud."  

James Harrison | Webster Film Series

January 31, 2006 0

Afterward, we went out with him and got to see a little of the personal side of John Waters. We had to stop at Walgreen’s to get his favorite candy, Jujubes.

Carrie Davini | All-Star Tattoo

January 29, 2006 0

The waiting room at the whimsically appointed All-Star is full, with a mild rain not keeping down the walk-in clients looking for ink. A few regulars, too, seem to be on hand to chat and […]

Steven J. Davis | Shaw’s Gallery

November 26, 2005 0

My wife’s best friend from high school’s mother recommended my particular skill set to her second (or third) husband’s son. His ex-wife called me while I was in Chicago and set up an interview for […]