Holding Out for Holding Mercury

February 18, 2009 0

Their self-released CD Downfall of an Empire is one of those rare gems: catchy at the start, and the more you listen to it, the more you love it.  

The Fabulous Return of Tommy Keene

January 21, 2009 0

I don’t blog anymore. I don’t Twitter. I don’t post updates on Facebook. (What am I doing right now? I’m working; that’s what I’m doing.) But news this great deserves a blog.  

You won’t find me

November 13, 2007 0

I’ve been taking note of stores, shops, places I never go, and never will go. It inspired me to make this list of places you won’t find me.  


October 13, 2007 0

Appearing live in New York City Oct. 18: PLAYBACK:stl, Bigfatcat, John Boy’s Courage, Skidmore Fountain, Go Motion and Loyal Divide.  


July 9, 2007 0

 Let's take responsibility for our own actions, how 'bout it? Let's honor our commitments. Let's be true to our words.  

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