Delirious Nomad | 09.07

September 7, 2007 0

With apologies to Morrissey, September (not November) spawned a monster. It always does, with the return of the arts season. Theatres, colleges, galleries, book tours and much more get going again, and all we can […]

Delirious Nomad | 08.07

July 30, 2007 0

The dog days of summer explained to you by the top dog himself – Byron Kerman. This month, lots of movies – indoor, outdoor, and sing-a-long.      

Delirious Nomad | 07.07

July 4, 2007 0

I am just wild about Harry and Harry is just wild about me. This month – Harry Potter (and a few hundred other things to do).       

Delirious Nomad | 06.07

June 5, 2007 0

All the events that will have you going ooooo and aaaaaaa throughout the month of June.       

Delirious Nomad | 05.07

May 3, 2007 0

May is hot like the Memorial Day bargain frenzy at the Gypsy Caravan flea market downtown.    

Delirious Nomad | 04.07

April 15, 2007 0

Attention, droogies and droog-ettes. Once you've seen read the book or seen the film A Clockwork Orange, you may gag a bit when listening to Beethoven. No matter – you're just digging on the dystopian […]

Delirious Nomad | 02.07

January 30, 2007 0

February may be as cold as the alleged witch's genitalia, but there's no shortage of fun events organized for indoor pleasures.    

Delirious Nomad | 01.07

December 30, 2006 0

The polar bears are running out of room to roam, thanks to global warming. How long before the bald eagles are screwed, too? Watch them fly south (the eagles, not the bears) for the winter […]

Nomad Dec. Events | 12.06

December 14, 2006 0

Let Byron Kerman be your guide this month to all that's weird, wild, and wonderful…with a focus, for sure, on the weird. (But, hey, we love him anyway.)  

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