One Lone Car | Four to Drive East

April 9, 2007 0

Six a.m. came too soon this morning. After our drunken graveyard party last night, we are all exhausted, but still in good spirits.          

Elements Of journal | 01

February 1, 2007 0

I was very pleased to see the crowd growing at a late hour, even though some musicians started loading out and leaving, in my opinion an egocentric slap at the other people and a damn […]

The Fields | Oversized Portions

November 29, 2006 0

Anglo-Icelandic electronic/indie quartet Fields came to America for a week of shows, video shoots, oversized meal portions, and drives along the Coast. We asked Nick Peill (vocals, guitar, keyboards) to keep track of the band's exploits. Following […]

Page France

October 5, 2006 0

Interlude | We've a pretty serious issue with our van lighting. While driving at night, the lights turn off as they please, and eventually return seconds/minutes later. It has become rather mechanical to simply flick […]

Riddle of Steel | The Holy Grail

July 1, 2006 0

St. Louis’ Riddle of Steel makes prog-rock without the pretentiousness, Andrew Elstner’s effects-laden, intricate guitarwork gliding over the thunderous rhythm section of bassist Jimmy Vavak and Traindodge’s Rob Smith on drums while Elstner and Vavak […]

Band on the Run | Lorenzo Goetz

March 27, 2006 0

With sleepy eyes and a slow stroll, I headed to the trailer to grab my bag, only to discover the trailer door open. A quick inventory showed that we had surprisingly (and thankfully) not lost […]