Passion Pit/Matt & Kim | 02.27.13


A seemingly never-ending bubble machine on either side of the stage aided in making “Take a Walk” an even more magical experience.


Matt and Kim, Photo: Jennifer Metzler
Passion Pit photos: Cencio Boc 

105.7 The Point Birthday Show
Peabody Opera House
St. Louis

Stepping in to the grandiose Peabody Opera House, many concert-goers (including myself) worried about the size of the massive auditorium compared to the lack of members in the first two acts. Many also contemplated whether seats would hinder the live music experience, especially given that all three of these acts have personality to spare and are known to get crowds on the floor to dance, groove, and shake. Swedish DJ/pop duo Icona Pop took the stage first and played to a scattered handful of fans, but captured the attention of the small crowd with their energy and the recognizable single “I Love It.” Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt were more than appreciative to the small crowd and encouraged getting up out of the seats to dance. While they made no fans of the Peabody staff as their synthesizers rattled the lighting on the outside of auditorium, fans in the orchestra pit demanded pictures and autographs and the duo happily Cencio Boc

Fans continued to pour in as Girl Talk filled in the time between Icona Pop’s finale and Matt & Kim’s grand entrance. The next duo to take the stage set it alight with booty-shaking, old-school and ’90s rap/hip-hop snippets, raunchy jokes, and, of course, their own kinetic dance pop. The crazed Brooklynites didn’t stop smiling once through their hour-long set and had the growing crowd bouncing, laughing at every joke, and hanging on to their every word. An out of breath Matt Johnson exclaimed, “I love playing in St. Louis! You guys are always a lot of fun. And a shout out to Nelly, because every time we play here, I put him on the guest list.” Kim Schifino, quick to give her partner some trouble, said, “I’m pretty sure St. Louis is over that joke. You guys are over the Nelly thing—and how we all know he’s from here, right?!” Regardless of opinion, the crowd went absolutely wild as Kim laughed and guzzled her Budweiser.

“Block After Block” kicked off Matt & Kim’s set. More Budweiser gulping and smiling ensued as Matt pumped the crowd by asking to see their best one-handed arm wave: “We’re gonna take it old school, let’s see those arms!” The crowd was quick to follow his request as a drum-and-synthesizer version of DJ Kool’s “Let Me Clear My Throat” came from the stage and ushered in their next tune, “Overexposed.” This wouldn’t be the last time they seamlessly flowed into a hip-hop single, though, as they did during their song “Cameras.” This time, they ever so slightly changed pitch to move into Ludacris’s 2002 hit “Move Bitch.”

Fans were also treated to such chart toppers as Alice Deejay’s “Better Off Alone” (which Kim rocked while standing atop her bass drum), Big Sean’s “Dance (A$$)” (in which Kim’s backside was the lead role), and Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode.” Matt expressed a bit of disappointment in the size and layout of Peabody Opera House, explaining that Kim typically walks among the crowd, but the place was too big. To make up for Kim not being able to stick to tradition, however, they pumped up the latest viral craze and took a dance break with the crowd to do the “Harlem Shake.” The duo went on to play their newest single “It’s Alright” and closed out their set a few songs (and a short cover) later with “Daylight.”

By the end of Matt & Kim’s set, the crowd was near capacity and buzzing. The intermission could have been a tiresome drag, but energy and excitement flourished as Passion Pit’s stage was being assembled. Soft white orbs hung from the stage and were illuminated in gentle neon colors as Passion Pit opened with “I’ll Be Alright.” Michael Angelakos & Co. filled the auditorium with lush synth sounds, impressive beats, and an unyielding spirit. Radio hits like “Carried Away” and “Take a Walk” received the most crowd reaction due to The Point’s newfound adoration for the band—and the fact that it was the station’s 20th birthday party/show—but just as many fans were singing along to older songs like “Sleepyhead,” “Moth’s Wings,” and “The Reeling.”

A seemingly never-ending bubble machine on either side of the stage aided in making “Take a Walk” an even more magical experience. Angelakos endeared the crowd with his warm smile, his ability to float all over the stage, and by reaching the microphone out toward the crowd during participatory chants in songs like “The Reeling,” and especially during the “higher and higher, higher and higher” portion of their encore, “Little Secrets.” | Jennifer Metzler

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Matt & Kim set list

Block After Block
Let Me Clear My Throat [portion/DJ Kool cover]
Cameras/Move Bitch [portion/Ludacris cover]
Better Off Alone [portion/Alice Deejay cover]
Let’s Go/Dance (A$$) [portion/Big Sean cover]
Good Ol’ Fashioned Nightmare
Harlem Shake [by Bauuer]
It’s Alright
The Next Episode [portion/Dr. Dre cover]/Good for Great

Passion Pit set list

I’ll Be Alright
The Reeling
Carried Away
Moth’s Wings
Love Is Greed
It’s Not My Fault, I’m Happy
American Blood
To Kingdom Come
Constant Conversations
Take a Walk
Cry Like a Ghost
Eyes as Candles
Make Light
Mirrored Sea
Little Secrets (encore)

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