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MGMT 75There wasn’t a still individual in the entire auditorium.

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MGMT, along with opening act Kuroma, brought waves upon waves of psychadelic rock funk to the historic Peabody Opera House on Nov. 12. The 3,200 seat theater pulsed with a never-ending orbit of swarming lights, perfectly accentuating the flickering neon-colored graphics displayed directly behind the rockin’ band.

The five-member group hailing from Middletown, Conn. kicked off their set with a steady handful of tunes from MGMT the group’s self-titled 2013 album. Three or four songs in, however, the group decided to kick it old school, cranking out the absolute crowd pleaser straight off of Oracular Spectacular, “Electric Feel.” As expected, the crowd went wild, clapping and jiving to the rhythm of the hip-moving, upbeat track. There wasn’t a still individual in the entire auditorium.

The enthusiasm of the crowd refused to wane, even as the band slowed the vibe of things down a bit with the mysterious, grunge-esque tune “Cool Song No. 2.” The front man then flitted to the side of the stage, much to the audience’s curiosity evident by the sea of murmuring, while “Alien Days” casually filled the air. Emerging from the wings of the stage were two audience members, randomly selected to join the band on stage during “Your Life is a Lie.” They were each given light-saber length sticks used to strike two individual cowbells in-time with the song; the duo did a spectacular job and had smiles plastered on their faces the entire time.

The group introduced their next song — Grammy-nominated “Kids” — by coyly saying “This is one of our more popular songs. You might know it.” The crowd responded just as I’m sure the band intended them to, shouting out the lyrics to the song and continuing to shimmy their way through the rest of the set.

Alas, every set must come to an end. The group thanked their fans profusely before exiting the stage only to be summoned by a rousing, in-sync chant from the crowd for an encore. “Thank you, everyone. We will be playing one more song.”

If there is one thing that is indicative of a good band, always take note of how they treat their audience; MGMT scored off the charts. A lovely touch to such a wonderful show. | Danielle Pauly

Photos: C. Daniel

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