Five reasons why Zero Dark Thirty is the best movie of the year | Sarah Boslaugh

best2012 sqFive reasons why Zero Dark Thirty is the best movie of the year.

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  1. It pays its audience the compliment of assuming they understand the difference between a sporting event and a war, and can sit through a film about the latter, even if it doesn’t give them a chance to jump up and shout “USA! USA! USA!” (If you really need that experience, go see Argo instead.)
  2. Jessica Chastain hits it out of the park. After a number of excellent supporting roles last year (including Coriolanus, The Tree of Life, The Help, Take Shelter, and The Debt), she finally got a lead role, and showed that deserves many more in the future (if only she can get more opportunities worthy of her talents).
  3. It doesn’t glamorize or oversimplify the process of doing intelligence work, but does pay tribute to the determination required to do it well, and the necessity to be able to tolerate ambiguity.
  4. It doesn’t tell you how to feel. Torture is presented as a reality within American intelligence operations, but the film neither justifies nor condemns that reality.
  5. It turns Hollywood logic on its head. Despite being almost three hours long and populated mainly by actors you probably won’t recognize (although there’s not a bad casting choice in the lot) playing characters provided with little to no backstory, Zero Dark Thirty is never less than compelling. | Sarah Boslaugh

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