Top 10 Music-Related Things I Downloaded for Free in 2007


1. Lil’ Wayne | mixtapes, singles and more
For anyone who has not unearthed the genius that is Lil Wayne, get yourself to a computer! Kanye and 50 have more in common with the rap stylings of my mom than they do to Lil Wayne tracks "La la la" and "Husler Musik." (And needless to say, my mom is only a slightly better rapper than Steven Perry.)

2. Wilco | tracks from Sky Blue Sky
Leaked openly and often, I was dizzy with excitement when the great full length was finally released. Needless to say, I splurged on the double album vinyl. Who says MP3s killed the record biz?

3. Radiohead | In Rainbows

Were they the first? No. Did they really change anything? Maybe. Is it a great album for free? Yes. (Saving up for the $90 vinyl release.)

4. Dan Deacon | Web Remix
Time to get electro-freaky with your favorite balding, knob turning, button pushing singer/songwriter. Bonus points for the YouTube vids from his awesome Pitchfork set.

5. The Archivist | s/t EP
The magic of MySpace: a six-song EP from this sleepy bedroom singer is available for free at With props from blogs like Said the Gramophone and Gorilla vs. Bear, it’s a hit for sure

6. SXSW 2007 |
C’mon people, god knows I don’t love Austin, Texas, but you gotta love some free MP3s, especially coming from all your favorite rock bands. Wax Fang opened for My Morning Jacket recently and killed, Dr. Dog survived Wilco hype, Pink Nasty overcame cover hype and the 7 Shot Screamers made Missouri proud. Don’t ever say you can’t find new music.

7. The Livers | s/t
Two guys + one video projector = pure rock. A little old school Kennedy’s, a little Bad Religion, and a sprinkle of GWAR. Two powerhouse musicians; check these St. Louis guys out.

8. Bit Torrent | everything
I know, I know, in this day and age, though, who isn’t previewing? I mean, I love Kings of Leon, but for reals, gonna by the record? No. Spoon? Maybe. Interpol? Not on your life.

9. R.Kelly | Trapped in the Closet
Not exactly a download per se, but a webisode perhaps. It’s worth the download time, I promise. Midgets, felons, and sexy ladies, all trapped in the closet. Get it all on "Oh shit."

!0. Dividing by Zero Will Get You Nowhere |
Like new music? Love St. Louis? Jeff won’t steer you wrong, my pretties.

| Morgan Davis

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