Top 10 Theatrical Moments of 2016 | Jim Ryan

Claire Manship’s performance made me happy and gay.

1. It Shoulda Been You | Stages St. Louis

This show introduced me to my new favorite actress: Claire Manship. Her performance made me happy and gay.

2. Mother and Sons | The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis

Silence equals death.

3. Follies | The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis

Just thinking about Emily Skinner’s performance of “Could I Leave You” still gives me chills.

4. Sister Act | Stages St. Louis

While this outstanding show has an amazing cast, seeing Michele Burdette Elmore rap will stay with me forever.

5. Molly’s Hammer | The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis

This timely political production ignited my passion for joining the resistance.

6. Two Character Play | Midnight Company

Joe Hanrahan + Michelle Hand = a night of unforgettable theater.

7. The Drowsy Chaperone | Stages St. Louis

I am still—in my head—giving David Schmittou as standing ovation. His performance was theatrical perfection.

8. Finding Neverland | The Fabulous Fox

Magical production numbers and child actors whom I actually liked created a bewitching production.

9. Alice in Wonderland | Stages St. Louis

These actors truly embraced the idea of “ensemble cast.” Every performance was magical.

10. Fiddler on the Roof | The Muny

Putting the orchestra on the stage created another magical moment at The Muny.

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