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David Frum: Smart, conservative and a fully inquisitive mind.

I like Twitter quite a lot. It challenges its authors to be eloquent in 140 characters or less. It can be claimed that not all of its popular purveyors are eloquent or smart, but some of my favorite moments of 2016 were presented by these Twitizens.

1. David Frum: ‏@davidfrum | Smart, conservative and a fully inquisitive mind.

2. Richard Branson: ‏@richardbranson | He’s the man who started an empire with the purchase of the Sex Pistols. He is an inspiration.

3. Tea Pain: ‏@TeaPainUSA | Political smartass.

4. Patton Oswalt: ‏@pattonoswalt | Helped me get through election 2016.

5. Sarah Silverman: ‏@SarahKSilverman | That sharp tongue says some very smart things.

6. Hend Amry: ‏@LibyaLiberty | Often critical (in every sense of that word).

7. Joyce Carol Oates: ‏@JoyceCarolOates | A literary genius takes on Twitter and wins.

8. Xeni Jardin: ‏@xeni | A Boing Boinger who has sharp insight and bravely shared her cancer fight with her many followers.

9. Paul Krugman: ‏@paulkrugman | The economist we all ignore at our peril.

10. Nate Silver: @NateSilver538 | Founder of FiveThirtyEight and a man to never bet against.

11. Michael Ian Black: ‏@michaelianblack | I liked him on The State and like his witty comments about politics and shit.

12. Michael Moore: ‏@MMFlint | He called it.

13. David Sirota: ‏@davidsirota | Explores the intersection of money and politics.

14. Edward Snowden: @Snowden | Especially because he only follows one account: the NSA.

15. Glenn Greenwald: ‏@ggreenwald | Often explosive, always smart.

Note: There are tons of news organizations and purveyors I follow, too. I tried to limit this list to people who put out mostly Twitter-only content. | @jimdunn

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