5 Reasons I’m Grateful To Be Back in St. Louis’s Central West End | Sarah Boslaugh

The Central West End is home to Forest Park: museums, trails, and much more.

1. Forest Park, a source of both culture and exercise. In most cities, just the art museum or just the history museum or just the trails would make it a top attraction, but Forest Park has all three and much more.

2. The Schlafly branch of the St. Louis Public Library, which keeps me supplied with books and movies (to say nothing of the many readings and other events they host).

3. Ikea, which has supplied not only most of the furniture in my condo, but also many a meal and more cups of coffee than I’d care to admit.

4. Aldi, whose low prices encourage a produce-rich diet while also allowing for the occasional indulgence (maple leaf cream cookies, anyone?).

5. Left Bank Books, an honest-to-god independent book store that sponsors tons of readings (and were I ranking the authors I’ve heard there, Lindy West would have to be at the top of the list).

Best of all, they’re all within walking distance of my home. Who needs a gym membership when you can get your exercise going about your daily life? | Sarah Boslaugh

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