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2015MusicI love and miss ’90s R&B and Tank brings it back.


  1. Miguel | Wildheart (RCA Records)
    Miguel really blew me away with this album; all I wanted to do was love, be love, and feel love. His performance was emotional, vulgar, and honest.
  2. Big Sean | Dark Sky Paradise (Def Jam Recordings)
    I had never been so excited to head to the store by a hip-hop CD (besides Drake). Dark Sky Paradise was everything I wanted to be and more. Favorites that I always had on repeat: “I Know” (although I hated the video) and “Blessings.”
  3. Adele | 25 (XL Recordings)
    Okay, really? Maybe she should have been number one, but only for anticipation. This album really is amazing, a full mix of up-tempo and slow songs that search for the same thing: discovering oneself and love all over again.
  4. Jazmine Sullivan | Reality Show (RCA Records)
    A much-anticipated album for all Jazmine Sullivan fans, this album did just want it was supposed to do: make you feel, make you rebuild, and make you win.
  5. JoJo | III (Atlantic Records)
    Tringle gave us all a glimpse of what JoJo brings to the musical table, and I just can’t wait to get my hands on a full album already so I can say “love!” (Totally hate that I missed you performing at Wildhorse Saloon.)
  6. Tank | If You Were Mine (self release)
    A man dedicated to his R&B roots, Tank always gives us his best vocals, true to form with no apologies. I love and miss ’90s R&B; bring it back!
  7. Drake | If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late (Universal Music)
    Because he’s Drake. I love him—and who doesn’t just adore a surprise album in the middle of the night? Plus, I couldn’t leave my main squeeze off the list.
  8. Kirk Franklin | Losing My Religion (RCA Records/Fo Yo Soul Recordings)
    This album gives me everything I need to grow closer in my relationship with Christ, forgiveness, love, and most of all, acceptance.
  9. Bridget Kelly | Summer of 17 EP (The Initiative Group)
    As a Bridget Kelly fan who’s patiently awaiting for her to perform in Nashville, Summer of 17 will definitely tide me over until then, or a full album. “Run After You” is worth the purchase price alone.
  10. Tamia | Love Life (Def Jam Recordings)
    If I were married, I’d definitely like to have this album as our soundtrack. And of course, Tamia comes through with great vocals and vibes, as her albums are entrenched with love. | Ashley White

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