Top 10 Movies of 2015 | Adam Robinson

2015MoviesThere are a ton of movies I didn’t see and want to, but this is the best of what I saw this year.




  1. Mad Max: Fury Road | Hands down, this is as close to as perfect as a movie can get.
  2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens | I’ve never been a fan of the original trilogy or that awful second trilogy, but this looked promising, especially with Abrams taking over. It didn’t let down and breathed new life into this franchise.
  3. The Martian | This was just done exceptionally well. Matt Damon gives a stellar and believable performance.
  4. Creed | I’m ranking this right up there with the original Rocky. In fact, it’s pretty close to being better than the original. Stallone and Jordan gave amazing performances.
  5. Jurassic World | Finally, we get to go back to the island! Absolutely amazing and so much homage to Jurassic Park. Loved it. Give me more.
  6. Selma | Powerful performances and a gripping story. Really remarkable.
  7. Crimson Peak | We finally get a vintage ghost story. This really excelled at telling a classic ghost/love story. It didn’t need to be scary or horror filled; it was beautiful inside and out.
  8. Ex Machina | I had no idea what to expect with this movie. It surprised me and I enjoyed it. Solid sci-fi flick.
  9. Southpaw | Solid. It was my second-favorite boxing movie until Creed came out. It sits comfortably in third now. But Jake Gyllenhaal was excellent.
  10. Krampus | People probably won’t even include this in their top 100 of 2015, but whatever. It’s about time we got something similar to Gremlins, and this did the trick. I laughed and aww’d. I’m a fan. | Adam Robinson

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