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single 75Most of 2014 I’ve been living in Bar Harbor, Maine, far removed from being able to get my ears on the amount of music vital for my survival.


cloud 500

Scarcely is there a band that decides it would be appropriate to take their tour to an island off the coast of Maine. Not having a vehicle and having a full-time job makes it difficult to take the three-hour trek to Portland, which, in fact, does have great bands roll through.

Not having a home, couch surfing, and staying at a friend’s house where internet and cell phone service doesn’t exist for a cumulative four months also don’t contribute to the quest for new music. The three months of summer I did have a place consisted of me going to work, and then coming home to a wild array of friends and strangers binge drinking and jamming to ’90s/’00s rock, soft rock, and rap—but mostly Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror (not mad about that one in the slightest; live on, MJ). I haven’t heard any satellite radio, which was a mighty fine thing to have at my job in Wyoming last year (another spot where I was cut off from internet) to feed my musical appetite.

No matter the situation, I always try to keep up with the bands I’ve grown to love and appreciate over the years, many of whom did not disappoint this year. Living in my own apartment now across from a coffee house where I spend hours eating the internet and devouring all the music I can get, I feel that I have a grasp on what came out this year. Certainly, I’ll find more gems from 2014 as the New Year starts, but the list below are the top dogs I’ve found thus far. This year was filled to the brim with great music, naturally too much to put onto a list, but these are some of the ones that made me feel, laugh, admire, and applaud.

  1. Cloud Nothings: “I’m Not Part of Me”
  2. Charli XCX: “Boom Clap”
  3. Future Islands: “Seasons (Waiting on You)”
  4. Perfect Pussy: “Interference Fits”
  5. Parquet Courts: “What Color Is Blood?”
  6. Ex Hex: “Don’t Wanna Lose”
  7. Spoon: “Inside Out”
  8. The War on Drugs: “Red Eyes”
  9. Ryan Adams: “Gimme Something Good”
  10. Taylor Swift: “Blank Space”
  11. Real Estate: “Talking Backwards”
  12. EMA: “So Blonde”
  13. St. Vincent: “Digital Witness”
  14. Girlpool: “American Beauty”
  15. Lana Del Ray: “Pretty When You Cry”
  16. Jack White: “Would You Fight for My Love?”
  17. Mr. Little Jeans: “Oh Sailor”
  18. Sharon Van Etten: “Your Love Is Killing Me”
  19. Jenny Lewis: “She’s Not Me”
  20. First Aid Kit: “My Silver Lining”
  21. Alvvays: “Archie, Marry Me”
  22. Ariana Grande ft. Zedd: “Break Free”
  23. FKA Twigs: “Two Weeks”
  24. Lil John and DJ Snake: “Turn Down for What”
  25. Lykke Li: “Gunshot” | Alex Schreiber

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