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bestof therestI drink a fair share of it every year: old favorites and new.





I freakin’ love beer. I love the way it looks, the way it smells, the way it tastes, the science and biology behind the brewing process, the associated pub culture, the way the ale blurs the edges a tiny bit and lubricates great times with my favorite people. I drink a fair share of it every year: old favorites and new brews, local beer, stuff from the greater world, and pints encountered whilst traveling/“beer touristing.” Here are 12 memorable beers from the past 12 months, including who made them, where they’re from, and when I drank each. Looks like 2013 was a domestic year—not surprising given the current, wonderful sheer depth and breadth of the American craft brewing scene. Cheers!

  1. Harwood Myth Porter (5.3% abv) | Urban Chestnut, St. Louis (February)
  2. Perennial/Sump Collaborative Coffee Stout (10.5% abv) | Perennial, St. Louis (March)
  3. Rye Pale Ale (4.5% abv) | Civil Life, St. Louis (March)
  4. Pi Common (5.0% abv) | Schlafly, St. Louis (May)
  5. Mavericks Amber Ale (4.8% abv) | Half Moon Bay Brewing Co., Half Moon Bay, CA (July)
  6. Artisanal Black Saison (5.0% abv) | Stillwater, Baltimore (August)
  7. Count Orlok Black Pumpkin Wheat Ale (5.4% abv) | Urban Chestnut, St. Louis (October)
  8. Velvet Underbrown (6.5% abv) | Heavy Riff, St. Louis (October)
  9. Newman’s ESB (5.4% abv) | People’s Brew, Lafayette, IN (November)
  10. Amarillo Pale Ale (6.5% abv- Black Acre, Indianapolis (November)
  11. Half Cycle IPA (6.0% abv) | Flat 12 Bierwerks, Indianapolis (November)
  12. Cask Coffee Stout (6.0% abv) | Schlafly, St. Louis (December)

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