Top 10 TV Shows in 2011 | Tony Van Zeyl

tv breaking-badGetting lost in a well-crafted series can be similar to being immersed in a great novel.


These are the series that held my attention with tightly written storylines that must be watched sequentially for the full dramatic effect. They are well acted, well produced and make you laugh, think, cry and even get angry.

Tony’s Favorite TV series he watched in 2011:

1. Breaking Bad (AMC)

Chemistry teacher becomes meth dealer. Dark humor, suspenseful drama, and the best anti-heroes since The Sorpranos.

2. Shameless (BBC)

The lives of a family (five kids ranging in age from toddler to twenty-somethings; alcoholic father, absent mother; and their neighbors) in English public housing.

3. Trailer Park Boys (Showcase)

Poignantly humorous mockumentary of minor criminals in a Canadian trailer park

4. Being Human (BBC)

A vampire, werewolf, and ghost share an English flat. Supernatural dramedy ensues.

5. Lost (ABC)

Finally got around to watching this from start to finish. Worth the wait, even though the last couple episodes were a bit of a disappointment.

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