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live duran-duran-1A reunion tour never shone so bright.

1. Duran Duran | 10.04.11
1st Bank Center, Broomfield, Colo.

Finally…the Wild Boys return to the United States for a proper tour. I could have hit Chicago, but any excuse to visit Denver is more my style. Mountains, microbrews, and Birmingham, England’s finest, in fine form. You’d better believe they’ve still got it.

2. Panic! at the Disco | 11.10.11
Pops, Sauget, Ill.

Even my husband, a non-Panic fan, was impressed by their show. Definitely one of the most entertaining concerts of the year, fully engaging and dance-inducing. Brendan Urie’s the ultimate showman, with a voice to die for. I loved every minute.

3. Matt Nathanson | 10.18.11
The Pageant, St. Louis

I know, it’s wrong to pine for the old days when we all crammed in the Hi-Pointe (fire safety laws, be damned) for an up close and personal night with Matt Nathanson. He’s still as personable as ever, but it’s hard to feel special when he’s talking to 2,000 people rather than 200. Still a consummate showman, and he deserves every bit of success he’s got.

4. Blue October | 05.06.11
The Pageant, St. Louis

Justin Furstenfeld is a brilliant songwriter, an incredible singer, and an engaging performer. But…couldn’t he have changed out of that t-shirt and slouchy jeans?

5. Kevin Devine | 09.10.11
Old Rock House, St. Louis

The crowd may have been small, but it was passionate. Hearing the audience sing every word is impressive, and even more so when the band has left the stage and the singer’s alone with an acoustic guitar. A visit from the drummer’s grandma was special, too.

6. GreyMarket | 03.25.11
Cicero’s, St. Louis

Yeah, I manage them. So what? It doesn’t mean they’re not amazing every time they play. The fact that they’ve relocated to Kansas City from Tampa is good news for St. Louis music fans, indeed.

7. Gooding | 04.12.11
Cicero’s, St. Louis

Always a good time. Energy, enthusiasm, strong vocals, and mad skills. What more could you want?

8. Howie Day | 11.17.11
Blueberry Hill Duck Room, St. Louis

It’s been a while since Mr. Day has visited our town; heck, it’s been a while since he’s released an album. This solo acoustic taste of his forthcoming EP was an intimate and special night.

9. Bravefellow | 04.02.11
Cicero’s, St. Louis

Kansas City indie band. Check them out. Please.

10. Josephine Collective | 01.11.11
Cicero’s, St. Louis

Josephine Collective singer/songwriter/founder reformed his seminal Kansas City-based band, making their debut at Cicero’s in St. Louis. Watching the captivating performer, it’s easy to see why the band made such a splash when it first launched.

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