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A solid month of top-tier football, including some breathtaking last-minute goals by the United States and a title for the fully deserving Spain.


1. This one’s easy: the FIFA 2010 World Cup. A solid month of top-tier football (dubbed soccer in this silly country), including some breathtaking last-minute goals by the United States and a title for the fully deserving Spain. Forget politics; four years never seemed so long.

2. Adopting two unplanned but completely wonderful ferrets. I continue to be amazed at the huge and unique personalities in these two-pound little bodies. A constant source of joy, especially when I work from home and they visit me throughout the day.
3. Raising little Sammy, the orphaned squirrel, to adulthood and freedom. We were sad to let her go—in her own custom-built condo, no less—but we know we alone were responsible for the life of one little squirrel, and that feels good.
4. Discovering how well muffins and coffee went with Saturday-morning Barclay’s Premier League viewing. Aw, hell…let’s go a little further and just praise the BPL (formerly the English Premier League) for its high level of football talent and quality of matches. In particular, it’s great to see Manchester United with a (mostly) return to form—20 games in thus far, still without a loss—thanks in no small part to the continued brilliance of 37-year-old Ryan Giggs and the new shining star of 22-year-old Javier “Chicharito” Hernández.
5. Reading some really great books, including Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom and Jonathan Dee’s The Privileges.
6. Receiving Two Lovers on DVD for my birthday, a film which immediately became my favorite after just one viewing. Joachim Phoenix—in what still stands as his last acting role, that silly I’m Still There notwithstanding—is at the very top of his game.
7. St. Louis Repertory Theatre’s production of Next Fall, written by Geoffrey Nauffts, directed by Seth Gordon, and starring a near-perfect cast, including Colin Hanlon and Jeffrey Kuhn.
8. Hiking with ferrets. This year we branched out—thanks to Steve Henry’s 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles of St. Louis—hitting Pere Marquette State Park, Rockwoods Range Conservation Area, Babler State Park and Columbia Bottom Conservation Area. It was especially rewarding to see Finnegan take to his first hike like a proud little boy scout.
9. Discovering Big Sky Brewing’s Moose Drool Brown Ale. Beer never tasted so good.
10. Frequenting Granite City Brewery for its $6 growlers on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (The food’s good, too.)
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