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Favorite movie I watched in 2010: Mary and Max (Melodrama Pictures)


Movies are not just for the theater anymore—and TV is not for the TV, either. Most of the viewing we did in 2010 was streaming on the internet, through Hulu or Netflix Instant. This resulted in watching a ton of things that were not released in 2010.

Favorite Movies I Watched in 2010

1. Mary and Max (Melodrama Pictures)

2. Kick-Ass (Mary Films/Plan B Entertainment)

3. Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe (Universal Pictures)

4. Paper Heart (Overture Films)

5. Last Night {Gaumont)

6. Moon (Liberty Films UK)

7. Let the Right One In (EFTI)

8. Fido (Lions Gate Films)

9. Right at Your Door (Thousand Words)

10. Toy Story 3 (Pixar Animation Studio/Walt Disney Pictures)


Favorite Music Documentaries

1. The White Stripes| Under Great White Northern Lights (WEA/Reprise)

2. Fela Kuti | Music Is the Weapon (Universal Import)

3. Gogol Bordello | Non-Stop (Knitting Factory)

4. Soul Power (Sony Pictures)

5. The Gits (Adrenaline Records)


Favorite Visual Treat

The Fall


Favorite Bad Movie

Lost Boys II: The Tribe (Warner Home Video)


Biggest Rant-Producing Disappointment

Tron Legacy (Walt Disney Studios)


Annoying film which prompted lots of interesting post-viewing discussion

I’m Still Here (Magnolia Pictures)

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