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hurraMen with running pants parked down below their buttocks, beating on kitchen appliances and singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart."




Gomez [photo: Jim Dunn]

1. Ray Davies @ City Hall, Nashville | 03.14.06

Unfortunately, that show was the day before many of Nashville's coolest people were leaving for SXSW in Austin, so there was not as much of a crowd as there should have been. What an amazing show anyway. He did "Johnny Thunder," "I'm Not Like Anybody Else," and many more, plus he balanced a bottle of Yazoo Pale Ale on his head.

2. The Sadies @ Mercy Lounge, Nashville | 10.01.06

Another show where I wish there would've been more people there. I've been waiting three years for them to come back to town and they played with Heavy Trash: Matt Verta Ray and Jon Spencer. Much dancing happened.

3. James Hunter @ Miller Lite Cannery Row Revival, Nashville | 09.21.06

This was another night to dance until you got all sweaty. I wish he would play here more often.

4. Mooney Suzuki/The Woggles/The Zombies @ City Hall, Nashville | 09.29.06

My favorite parts of the show was when the Mooney boys came out in drag to gogo dance for the Woggles, and when the Zombies played, all the bands became instant rock nerds, worshipping at the altar of Rod Argent.

5. The Dirtbombs on a boat in NYC sometime this past summer.

Once again, another night of fun and merriment.

6. Hurra Torpedo @ Exit In, Nashville | 06.13.06

Men with running pants parked down below their buttocks, beating on kitchen appliances and singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

7. Scott Miller @ Mucklewain | 08.19.06

The most efficiently organized music festival I've ever been to.

8. Gomez & Magic Numbers @ 3rd & Lindsley, Nashville | 06.18.06

If they were still tired from playing Bonnaroo, I couldn't tell. Lots of energy and Gomez cracking up about "monkey piss."

9. Arch Hall Jr. & Roy Head @ Ponderosa Stomp, Memphis | 05.08.06

Arch Hall was surprised that people even cared to see him play. There were so many cool garage/rockabilly and R&B bands playing and $2 beer, as well. I saw quite a few Nashvegans there, too.

10. The Romantics @ Exit In, Nashville | 10.26.06

They've still got it! | Angie Glover

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