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Miles To Go Before They Sleep | Shout Out Louds

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Friday, 30 December 2005 09:36

shoutoutloudsFROM THE PLAYBACK:stl ARCHIVE: “It’s just a beautiful country. Seeing the cowboy landscape was great,”





Norwegian Good | Bol Achieves Maximum Luminosity with Silver Sun

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Friday, 30 December 2005 10:06

“Sometimes we had that pure magic where you have no doubts—not while you record, not while you listen the first time, not while you listen again and again during mixing.”

Top 10 Films of 2005

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Saturday, 31 December 2005 14:10

Aside from having two too many good films this year (as if that were possible), I was surprised to find half of the films on my list from Eastern Asia.

Best of 2005

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Saturday, 31 December 2005 12:44

Nothing is more consistant than end of the year lists from critics, music lovers, and geeks. We at PLAYBACK:stl are no different. Each of us sees the end of a year as an opportunity to look backward at the music, films, books, theater, and other events that made our year special. It also sets the bar for 2006, and judging from the lists that follow, 2006 has its work cut out for it.


Painting Outside The Lines with Matthew Good

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Tuesday, 27 December 2005 13:02

It was an uneasy marriage of convenience, in some ways,” he continued, speaking of the decision to release Coma. “[Universal] felt it was time to do it. And I agreed, primarily because I thought it would be a great way to end a chapter.

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