Steve Miller Band/Beale Street Music Festival | 05.01.09

fest_mim.jpgThe Steve Miller Band received unanimous approval, as enunciated by the adoration of its fans.







Rolling black clouds led the way to Memphis. We arrived 20 minutes too late to get the press pass…we did, however, manage to find some bootleg tickets into the Beale Street Music Festival. We headed to the South Stage to witness the rebirth of one of our favorite classic bands of all time.

Late ‘60s rockers The Steve Miller Band, proved they still have what it takes to make the crowd roar. They graced the Sam’s Town Stage at 9:30 p.m. on Friday evening, the opening night of the Beale Street Music Festival. The night was black, the half moon shrouded with misty clouds that held the promise of rain. It was the only night the concertgoers would not have to deal with rain, mud and ruined shoes. The crowd pushed, pulled and nudged their way toward the front of the stage in order to get a closer look at the band.

The familiar tune of "Jungle Love" wafted through the air and could be heard almost all the way to the North Entrance gate. The music took us way back into the ’70s, although there were quite a few younger fans present. We approached the enormous crowd and pushed our own way through to get a closer look. We encountered group after group of festive people singing, dancing and rocking out to the well known hits of the band. A few people should have been cut off from alcohol; they seemed to be enjoying themselves just a little too much.

The Steve Miller Band received unanimous approval, as enunciated by the adoration of its fans. Steve Miller flawlessly led his band through a time machine with a number of popular favorites, including "Abracadabra," "Dance, Dance, Dance," "Like the Way I Do," "Only Child," "Space Cowboy," and many more. Miller and newest band member Sonny Charles surprised us with a throaty performance of Eric Clapton’s "Crossroads." The band members all did their part to bring the harmony, beat and good tunes and good times to their ardent fans.

Miller closed the show by introducing his band. By the end of the set, the entire crowd was swaying and singing to their favorite songs. The audience carried the show to the next level by singing along with "Take the Money and Run," "Fly Like an Eagle" and "Rock N’ Me." Miller & Co. rocked the stage 30 minutes past their scheduled end time, which only made the crowd roar for more. | Marsha Buehler

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