Pointfest 28 | 5.15.11

The bands that were performing completely made up for the fact that the weather was miserable, going above and beyond what their performance might have been like in the heat that we could have had.




Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, St. Louis, MO

Ever since 105.7 The Point announced that Korn, Sevendust, and All That Remains were going to be at Pointfest 28 on May 15th,  I knew I was going. The weather the past few days leading up to it was really nice and warm out, but then the weekend came and well good ole’ St. Louis lived up to its expectations when it comes to weather changes. Sunday rolled around and the forecast was rain and cool weather, mid 40s to low 50s. Unfortunately the combination of the two made it seem a lot cooler than it really was. However, the bands that were performing completely made up for the fact that the weather was miserable, going above and beyond what their performance might have been like in the heat that we could have had and just totally blew away the crowd of 17,000. 

The side stage acts started around 10am, I got there a little closer to 11 because I wanted to make sure I was there in time for All That Remains. There were a few bands that played before them but most notably was Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights with their Blues-Rock sound similar to what you would get out of a Lenny Kravitz album, but a little more laid back and jam oriented. I was totally digging what these guys were putting out there for the crowd; especially since they were the only band that didn’t fit the bill musically, you couldn’t tell with their aggression and love for what they do on stage. Shortly after their set I was getting ready for All That Remains to come on, it had been a little while since I had seen them but man did they deliver. They opened up with their intro track on the new album and from then on totally annihilated the rest of their set and destroying the crowd, but it was easy to see that was the band people came early for. 

I had a press pass so I was taking pictures and after the allowed first 3 songs of ATR’s set I walked to the side of the stage to finish up their performance when their manager/tour manager motioned me to come up on stage if I wanted. I walked up the steps and he met up with me and told me “I don’t have anything for you to stand on but feel free to take as many pictures as you want for the rest of their set” I thought that was really awesome of him, its not too often that you get an opportunity like that.

After All That Remains finished it was time for the other band I was really excited to see, The Damned Things. They have been through town a couple times and I have missed them so this was another band I was really glad to see on the bill. I didn’t know much about them and for those of you unfamiliar, they are a super group comprised of members of Fall Out Boy, Every Time I Die and Scott Ian from Anthrax. I had never heard anything by them before their set, but man I was blown away. They had such a great energy on stage and every song totally rocked; I was really impressed. For two whole sets, theirs and All That Remains, it was like the coldness went away and things were warming up, but that didn’t last too long. 

I decided to sit the next few bands out, for a few reasons I was hungry, cold and well they weren’t really bands I wanted to watch so I took a little break and decided to head toward the Green Room where I could sit and relax. After the few sets that I missed it was time to head back out there, Atlanta’s Sevendust was about to perform. They put on an amazing show every time I see them and the crowd was definitely in to them, my only complaint was they only got to play six songs and they should have played more, but I am sure they will play again soon with a headlining set. Following them was Hollywood Undead, I had seen them once before and was shocked at how amazing they were live, I wasn’t a huge fan of them until I saw them perform, but there is something there that just captures you and reels you in. It’s got to be the masks, I have always liked bands that wear masks or face paint. 

The last two acts were Papa Roach and Korn, I have loved both bands for years and they still continue to blow me away with each performance. I would have loved to have stayed out and watched the entire set for Papa Roach, but by that time I was tired and just wanted to save my energy for my favorite band on the bill, Korn. Korn came out and totally blew everyone away, opening up with fan favorite ‘Blind’ and just chugging through their set playing a couple off their latest album “Remember Who You Are” and a mixture of songs in between they really stole the show.

Now I have seen Korn probably close to 20 times now, and no it wasn’t my favorite of their performances . . . only because they tried to fit an hour and a half set into one hour. Therefore the last six or so songs were blended into one long medley, which was really tastefully done, but there were songs through out that I really wanted to hear the whole song and couldn’t due to the time restriction. But even with a stripped down set they came on with full force, hardly stopping to take a breath in between songs, which is why I always love watching them, they don’t mess around like some bands.

All in all Pointfest was a really great time; it proved that rock-n-roll is still alive in St. Louis. I look forward to the next one this fall! | Nick Licata

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