Barclaycard Wireless Music Festival | 07.06.12

wireless sqAfrojack plays newest remix, Knife Party fires it up, and Deadmau5 lights up the night at Barclaycard Wireless Fest in Hyde Park, London


Barclaycard Wireless Music Festival kicked off Friday, July 6, 2012, with some of the best acts on the electronic and dubstep scene taking the stage. Situated in Hyde Park, London, a stone’s throw from the Marble Arch tube station, Wireless Fest was promising from the second you stepped off the tube stop and saw loads of festival-goers in glow-stick mouse ears, knee high tie-dye socks, Chuck Taylors, and glow-in-the-dark T-shirts. The most famous mouse this world has seen was performing at the festival—and it wasn’t Mickey.

The doors for the festival opened at 2 p.m., and once past the row of security, it was on and popping. The festival features four stages, The Barclaycard Unwind, Pepsi Max, main stage, and bandstand stage, with loads of burger, kebab, and drink vendors lining the walls. A personal favorite was the Jägermeister tent where for 3.50 quid you could buy ice cold Jäger shots, which everyone knows is a recipe for a good time.

Afrojack was on the main stage, and a festival favorite if you ask most people who attended Friday’s event, although Zeds Dead and Knife Party came in close. The trick to getting into the front row of a show is to put one hand in the air and rage like you lack any care, and typically you can push yourself past the rest of the crowd because it is apparent that your life depends on whether or not you see this artist perform. Worked like a charm at the Afrojack set, which is impressive, considering the number of Brits just trying to get their Afrojock on, or a glimpse of Paris Hilton who, might I add, I never saw at his show.

He played some crowd favorites like “Take Over Control” and “No Beef.” Toward the end of the bit, Afrojack delivered a new mix of Gotye’s “Somebody I Used to Know,” which had the crowd on fire. It’s always nice when a DJ raves along with his music, and Afrojack is one of those DJs who truly enjoys what he is doing, and vibes well with the crowd for that reason.

After Afrojack, on the Pepsi Max Stage was Knife Party. I was a little taken aback by the LCD Soundsystem that was playing on the speakers as they set up the stage—taken aback by the fact that the mostly-teenage crowd had no idea how good “I Can Change” and “Dance Yrself Clean” are for a pre-set party.

Knife Party’s stage was elaborate and equally appropriate for their music: a couple hundred laser lights, and white LCD lighting that spelled out “Knife Party” on the DJ bit, with smoke enveloping the crowd from time to time. To say the rave level of Knife Party was extraordinary would be highly understated. The mosh pit in the front row left us with bruises from gripping the railing for dear life while simultaneously head banging to the epic dubstep that was ensuing. They played crowd favorites like “Internet Friends,” and because it was apparent that no one in the crowd was foolish enough to block them on Facebook, we were all able to keep our lives—which is remarkable, really. KP’s remix of Swedish House Mafia’s “Antidote” was one of the sickest bits played at the show, but my personal favorite was when they played a recent track, “Bonfire,” which is a sick but so sweet juxtaposition of reggae and dubstep. Wireless peeps passed out water, which we found was better thrown back on the crowd than taken in. But really, who needs hydration when you’ve got Jäger and Cider?

Deadmau5 was the headlining act for Friday’s festival event and the closer of the festival, literally transforming the main stage into a freakishly divine light show. Known for his mouse head and LED glory, Deadmau5 started before the Knife Party-ers could even get to the main stage, stopping festival-goers in their tracks to dance to “Sometimes things get, whatever.” “Sofi Needs a Ladder,” “The Veldt,” “Raise Your Weapon,” and “Ghost’s n Stuff” were all crowd pleasers, but with the number of Deadmau5 tees and glow-mouse-heads, it was apparent from the very beginning that these Wireless freaks were here for one act in particular, and he didn’t disappoint. | Kristyn M. Potter

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