105.7 The Point’s Big Summer Show | 09.21.14

point big_sqIf you take away anything from this review, let it be this: Britain stole the show.


Bastille 0914a 

Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, St. Louis

I’ll admit, it was offputting to arrive at 105.7 The Point’s “Big Summer Show” in late September. Combine that with the eclectic lineup of bands and the vibe was a bit confusing. Yet I found myself enticed by the potential of the night to come, and I wasn’t disappointed. 

The show was divided between the main stage and a small stage. There were no breaks between bands to move from one stage to another. Did I mention there were eight bands on the bill? Well, there, were. I felt rushed and gypped running back and forth in a giant mob of people. 

I won’t crowd your time with a summary of every band there, so here’s some footnotes:Capital-Cities 0914

  • Bear Hands was very, very avant-garde.
  • Switchfoot covered “7 Nation Army” by The White Stripes, and sang a lot of “woahs.”
  • Capital Cities channeled their inner MGMT and got the crowd dancing with their signature “Capital Cities Shuffle.”
  • OK Go blasted confetti during every song, brought a kid named Alex on stage (not me, unfortunately), and let a fan play guitar during their hit song, “Here It Goes Again.” 
  • Bastille has a significantly larger fan base of teenage girls than I would have thought. Also, the hand symbol fans would put up was exactly the same as the “Illuminati” symbol, so there’s that.

But if you take away anything from this review, let it be this: Britain stole the show. Both English acts, Royal Blood and Bastille, garnered most of my attention.

Royal Blood was easily my favorite act. A modern White Stripes, the band left the audience stunned as they immediately separated themselves from the other bands, which is hard, considering Royal Blood is only two members. But that didn’t stop them from delivering some slow-burning rock jams with the intensity of an entire group.

Fast-forward and enter Bastille to the calming notes of ’90s Twin Peaks credit music. A fitting choice, as watching hits like “Bad Blood” and “Pompeii” made me feel like I was revisiting something very familiar. In all fairness, I’d like to meet someone who hasn’t heard “Pompeii” 9,000 times, but it was still refreshing to watch. Everyone knew the words and everyone was involved—exactly what a fan would want out of watching a headlining act. 

What this show did best overall was project a humble attitude. Almost every band did a cover paying homage to their influences; Bastille performed two. The groups were very appreciative of the radio station for organizing the whole show. And every band had a moment where they weren’t rock stars on a stage, but normal people trying to have fun. Bastille celebrated their bassist’s birthday by bringing a piñata on stage and laughed through the whole bit. OKGo continuously interacted with the crowd and spent moments just talking to fans. Switchfoot’s vocalist walked around and sang with us. And I think the audience of thousands watching tended to forget that they’re not super-human. That reminder made this show a truly humbling experience. | Alex Wilking

All Photos: Greg Artime.
Top to bottom: Bastille, Capital Cities, and Meg Myers.
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Meg-Myers 0914

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