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The riffs these guys throw out are just insane.




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This past Friday, St. Louis was treated to a wonderful show by White Denim at the Firebird. This may be a bit bias, but I’m a White Denim fan. So going into the show, I knew there was no way it could be bad. I wasn’t wrong.

The show kicked off with a band from Philadelphia, called The Districts. These guys are a solid rock-n-roll band. The way the guys dress would remind you of any garage band and more so these days, hipsters. But the sounds that come through their instruments that are matched with some killer vocals, are just insanely good. I really thought it would be hard for White Denim to top these guys. They were that good. From their opening song, to a softer, and I use the word “softer” lightly, to their last – they were full of energy. Absolutely amazing energy. If you missed those guys, lucky for you, they’ll be playing Off Broadway on March 29. You need to go see this show! You will not be disappointed!

After getting the crowd worked up for White Denim, the guys came out in force. White Denim didn’t miss a note. They sounded extremely crisp and the chemistry between these musicians can’t be denied. I know most people refer to White Denim as “indie”, and I couldn’t disagree more. They’re psychedelic with some underlying rock. The riffs these guys throw out are just insane. I really can’t put into words how well this show was. If you missed it, you missed probably the show of the year so far in St. Louis. These guys could easily own a bigger stage with a much larger crowd and still deliver. But the intimacy of the Firebird and the chemistry of White Denim is what we needed on this night. It was absolutely amazing.

If you ever get a chance to see them, do yourself a favor and go. | Adam Robinson

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