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Al 75Touring in support of his latest album, Mandatory Fun, this show was just that: pure fun.



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The wicked warrior of parody, Mr. Weird Al Yankovic, took over the Peabody Opera House on June 28 with his twisted, yet fun, versions of popular songs. The Mandatory Fun Tour was colorful and intense, and it showcased that Weird Al is as talented as he is funny. Opening the show from outside the venue, the singer broke out with his version of Pharrell Williams’ 2014 smash hit “Happy.” Starting in the street, Yankovic sang his way into the eyes and hearts of the manic fans waiting inside.

With a plethora of material to choose from, he smartly played many familiar medleys, encompassing his humorous versions of original recordings by artists like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Greg Kihn, and many others. Weird Al shone brightly from the stage, as he changed costumes with nearly every song. The standout costume came out during Yankovic’s song “Fat” (a parody of Michael Jackson’s “Bad”), when he donned a fat suit wrapped up in black leather and chains.

Musically, Weird Al was on point with a great backup band. Of course, he played his famous accordion with fantastic style, completing each song with a polka music touch. With hits like “Like a Surgeon,” the parody of Madonna’s “Like A Virgin,” and “Aluminum Foil,” a re-imagination of Lorde’s “Royals,” the show was funny, current, and a great time.

Touring in support of his latest album, Mandatory Fun, this show was just that: pure fun. From the beginning to the final number (the popular “Amish Paradise,” Weird Al’s take on Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise”), the fans roared with laughter and applause. No one does it like Weird Al. No wonder he has had such great success in the world of parody music. | Marc Farr

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