Veruca Salt | 07.22.15

veruca-salt 75The band was on fire, certainly well-rehearsed and strong.




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I have not been to the Ready Room that many times, but it’s safe to say that it’s not yet a premier concert club in St. Louis, but it’s definitely heading that way. It’s certainly the hottest live music club in The Grove.

In the times I’ve been there, and other clubs on the concert club side of Manchester, I’ve never had trouble parking. There have always been nice spots on the street. Certainly there has been a little walking, but still.

Seeing Veruca Salt was different. We had to pay the four dollars to park. Then after entering the venue, we couldn’t even stand in the main viewing portion of the room, much less sit. So, we chose to hang out by the bar all night, but at least we had a view of the festivities.

The newly reunited Salts were supported by a new bubble-grunge act by the name of Charly Bliss. They were a four piece fronted by a young woman who played guitar and sang. Her vocals reminded me of an Ace Frehley guitar solo. There were many what seemed to be unintended squeals. Their show was very energetic and the crowd warmed up to them quickly.

The main draw of the evening was Veruca Salt, naturally. After a number of years, the original line up has recorded a new album and has been touring again. I was not a fan of them when they were popular in the 90s, or much alt-rock at all if I’m being honest. It always had too much confusing angst for me, and I never appreciated the tone of the music.

On this evening, Veruca Salt’s guitars sounded spectacular. The grungy, muddy sound was nowhere to be found. The band was on fire, certainly well-rehearsed and strong. Unfortunately, there was very little interaction with the audience. They just played their songs like their lives depended on it. They even warmed the heart of this aging metal head. This is an act that’s not to be missed. | Nik Cameron

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