Us the Duo | 07.29.16

Aside from musical talent, the one thing that stands out about Michael and Carissa is the obvious chemistry between husband and wife.


Ready Room, St. Louis

On June 29, Us the Duo performed for an intimate crowd at the Ready Room. Soon after ending their tour with Pentatonix, they released their new album called Just Love and hit the road again—this time headlining their own tour.

With a full band joining them, it was interesting to see just how Carissa and Michael Alvarado transitioned from their usual routine of performing as a duo to being accompanied by other members onstage. Instead of being overshadowed by the band, Michael and Carissa fed off of the band’s energy, and vice versa. They even dueled in a beatbox battle, showing off their skills in a playful manner. The band was a nice addition, providing new musical elements to the concert while adding their own charm and charisma.

The duo performed a mixture of older songs and songs off the new album; the audience seemed to be familiar with most of the music, despite the new album only having been released a week before the concert. It was fun to see what new risks they were taking with old songs, and to hear how much they’ve grown in their musical performance abilities. It was clear that, while they’re still not used to the fame, they’re finding a home together onstage.

With recent horrific events across the world, Us the Duo’s embodiment of peace and love onstage was exactly what the crowd seemed to need. Known for their covers, they added a few to their set list, but the standout was definitely a mashup of Bob Marley’s “One Love” and “Three Little Birds.” The entire crowd joined in with singing and dancing, filling the Ready Room with a strong sense of unity.

Of course, aside from musical talent, the one thing that stands out about Michael and Carissa is the obvious chemistry between husband and wife. Whenever one would say something cute about the other, the audience would eat it up and encourage them through whistles, applause, and lots of cheering. It was apparent they have a very secure relationship; their love seeped into their performance in an adorable way that made the crowd love them even more.

Us the Duo’s talent, attractiveness, and energy make it clear they will be performing for adoring fans for years to come. They’ve already come so far from their early folk-pop sounds to now exploring more soul/funk music vibes, so it seems very promising they will venture into experimenting with even more genres in the future. Whatever road Us the Duo takes, it is sure to be one that leaves fans content. | Kayley Withers

Photo by Katherine Young; full photo album here

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