Troye Sivan | 10.31.16

From his solid and dreamy vocals, to his interesting stage presence and everything in between, Sivan is genuine.


The Pageant, St. Louis

Imagine this: It’s Halloween and you’re standing in a room of 2,100 Troye Sivan fans, handfuls of them decked out to the nines in their costumes, and all of them surging with excitement to see the Australian superstar. Opener Astrid S had just gotten offstage in her Sia costume, having left the crowd dazzled with her hit “Hurts So Good.” The low-lit room was full of chatter until the lights went down. Blinding strobe lights commenced as the band played the intro to the set, the crowd reacting so loudly it was deafening. The lights dropped and Sivan took the stage, already grooving organically to the rhythm of the music, a smile stretched across his spookily made-up face.

As the artist kicked off his set with his current radio hit “WILD” (with over half a million copies sold in the U.S. alone), the fans were instantly submerged into the energy of the show. Strobe lights flared to the EDM-underlying beat of the song, as Sivan danced from side to side of the stage. He made his gratitude known to each and every crowd member, making them feel as if their attendance was a crucial part of the show. And after fan interaction after fan interaction, it was easy to see the intimate bond Sivan has with his fans.

As he moved through his set, it felt as if Sivan was taking the audience on a journey through a love story from start to unfortunate end. From songs of innocently falling in love—including “WILD,” “for him.,” and “YOUTH”—to songs about the haunting and dark end of love—such as “DKLA” and “BLUE”—Sivan was genuine and honest in his storytelling, not only through lyric, but through his ever-evolving energy. From carefree dancing about the stage to standing center stage at his microphone, only a spotlight on him as he sang and everything in between, Sivan did it all.

Overall, Troye Sivan’s live performance exceeded every expectation I originally had. From his solid and dreamy vocals, to his interesting stage presence and everything in between, Sivan is a genuine, emotionally invested artist who should be on everyone’s must-see list. It is impossible not to resonate with the atmosphere Sivan created with his captivating energy, gracious smile, and undeniable talent and artistry. | Alyssa Bardol

Photo by Alyssa Bardol; view additional photos here.

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