Tinashè | 02.29.16

Based on the taste we got of Tinashè’s forthcoming album Joyride, it sounds as if she’s really been growing in her artistry.


Ready Room, St. Louis

This was an abnormal day of the year for an above-average performance. February 29 only happens once every four years, and this was a great anniversary for Tinashè’s first headlining performance in St. Louis.

People began lining up outside the Ready Room for VIP and general admission an hour before the doors opened. Within the lines were people of all races, ages, genders, and sexual orientations. When the door opened, we could see several younger fans jumping for joy as we all walked in. Once in, we could feel the energy of what the night would entail. Tinashè and her opener JAHKOY were ready to blow our minds with their talents—and that’s exactly what they did on this leap night.

The show began with JAHKOY singing love songs for the crowd; he seemed similar to Justin Bieber in his prime. Surprisingly enough, JAHKOY is from Toronto, making a part of me want to believe Canada just breeds this type of singer in its streets. For half an hour, the artist and his DJ laid down beats that were exciting electronic rhythms, but still calm enough to inspire calm head-bobbing. He treated us to his current single, “Odd Future,” but my favorite was titled “Hold Your Hand.”

The Ready Room’s stage held two white boxes, easily moved around the stage for dancers, and a giant TV screen at the back of the stage. Each time Tinashè ducked backstage for a wardrobe change, the screen played short clips to distract the crowd. Her band consisted of a drummer and a keyboardist who sat off to the side of the stage, so far off, I wouldn’t have noticed if she didn’t shout them out.

This was not the greatest location for this caliber of a performance, but Tinashè and her crew worked with what they had. By keeping tight in their movement, her four dancers made the space onstage look like the perfect size. My favorite dancer was Naeemah McCowan, a graduate from Central VPA High School in St. Louis. She danced alongside Tinashè, keeping her energy level high throughout the entire show.

Based on the taste we got of Tinashè’s forthcoming album Joyride, it sounds as if she’s really been growing in her artistry.

If given the proper amount of space, I have faith that Tinashè could do an even more mind-blowing job. Based on the effort she put into this smaller show, I can only imagine the showcase she can put on with a larger stage. This was one of my favorite shows at the Ready Room and I look forward to her next visit in St. Louis. | Alexy Irving

Photo by Alexy Irving

Set List
Ride of Your Life
Parties Are Real
Looking 4 It
Cold Sweat
Far Side of the Moon
How Many Times
Touch Pass
That’s the Way Love Goes (Janet Jackson cover)
Same Old Love (Selena Gomez cover)
Fires and Flames
All Hands on Deck
All My Friends

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