Tig Notaro | 06.08.17

We’ve all been there, but hearing it spoken about so eloquently is strangely healing.

The Pageant, St. Louis


Tig Notaro is a storyteller. In comparison to the shows I’ve seen in the last two years, I would hold her in the same company as Kristofferson and Henry Rollins. I have very seldom seen an audience so enraptured by what was happening on a stage. This was helped by the “No Cell Phone” policy—can every venue please do this forever? Most of it was that Tig Notaro is just engaging.

She told stories about the last five years of her life. To sum up: nearly fatal bout of C. Diff., breast cancer, a terrible breakup, the death of her beloved mother, a weird text relationship with Jenny Slate involving balloons, finding the love of her life, and having two baby boys. Oh…and becoming a best-selling author, TV star, and internationally known comedian.

Comedy is difficult, and comedy built on personal tragedy is especially so. It’s a delicate dance between relating to the comedian’s pain and still finding humor in the absurdity of life. We’ve all been there, but hearing it spoken about so eloquently is strangely healing.

She had us spellbound, and she got me. I totally thought the Indigo Girls were there. Dammit.

You can find Tig Notaro on Amazon’s One Mississippi and on tour until September. Go. See. Her. | Melissa Cynova

06.15 |                  Ponte Vedra Concert Hall, Ponte Vedra FL

06.16 | Ferguson Hall, Tampa FL

06.17 | Plaza Live, Orlando

06.18 | Amaturo Theater, Ft. Lauderdale

07.13 | Fargo Theatre, Fargo ND

07.14 | Englert Theatre, Iowa City

07.15 | Barrymore Theater, Madison

07.16 | Meyer Theatre, Green Bay

07.21 | Taft Theatre, Cincinnati

07.22 | Bomhard Theater, Louisville

07.23 | Polk Theater, Nashville

08.11 | The Lyric Oxford, Oxford MS

08.12 | Lyric Theatre, Birmingham AL

08.13 | Tabernacle, Atlanta

09.10 | Key West Theater, Key West FL

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