The Wombats | 09.26.12

wombats 75You haven’t experienced heaven on earth until you’ve heard The Wombats do “Techno Fan” to diehard fans in need of a Liverpool fix.


Sauget, Ill.

British indie-rock group The Wombats played a show Wednesday evening to a massive crowd of plaid-and-Tom’s clad St. Louis hipsters at Pop’s Nightclub in Sauget. The show started at 7 p.m., with The Royal Concept and Morning Parade opening. Earlier in the evening, Morning Parade gave a killer live vocal session on 105.7 The Point, the radio station that sponsored the $1.05 show, and their live show was even better than expected.Wombats1

The entire place was packed—the area between the stage front and the bar was significantly difficult to walk through while avoiding moody looks from the 20-and-under crowd who couldn’t bear to see another person stand in front of them during the show. These kids just wanted to be as close to The Wombats as possible—and who could blame them, really?

Highlights of the show involved “Jump into the Fog,” “Moving to New York,” “1996,” and “Techno Fan.” During the show, a few chicks decked out in grungy (and heavy) Union Jack sweaters boasted their allegiance to the British, singing along with the band, pushing and hair pulling to snag a front row spot. One girl attempted to crowd surf twice, baring her dark red wedge heels and thick Union sweater. Failed attempt, to say the least.

A mini-mosh pit occurred during “Techno Fan,” and for good reason: You haven’t experienced heaven on earth until you’ve heard The Wombats do “Techno Fan” to diehard fans who bravely crossed the Poplar Street bridge into a less-desirable part of Southern Illinois to get their Liverpool fix.

The band came back for an encore that involved singer Matthew “Murph” Murphy jumping onto the drum platform, back turned, while bassist Tord Øverland-Knudsen did his own emotive movements in the front of the stage. Being in the front row, there were a good two or three times that I thought the guitar would hit us. But, I can’t imagine that I would’ve complained.

At the end of the show, Murph and Tord shook front row fans’ hands, drummer Dan Haggis threw a stick or two, and my mate Taylor was handed Murph’s guitar pick. It was stuff of legends, and for those lucky enough to come to the dark side, an indelible moment was shared. The concert wasn’t even listed on the band’s website, making the moment that much more magical. | Kristyn Potter

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